On Wednesday 12 July, the Summer School had reached Day 5 and all the participants was looking forward to a day with different activities. 

The morning started with a session where the players received training from the staff coaches while the coaches observed. This kind of session is called a “shadowing session” and the point is for the coaches to learn new methods, and get inspired for their own future trainings.

Afterwards, Tom Causer and Jeroen van Dijk delivered a session for the coaches where they learned to do physical testing. This should provide them with the skills to: describe the benefits of using fitness testing for player development; explain the concepts of validity and reliability and their significance for accurate fitness testing; differentiate between qualitative and quantitative testing; describe the test protocols for a variety of tests relevant to the sport of badminton. (From Coaches’ Manual Level 2, p. 160).

After lunch time, everybody gathered to leave for ‘Aqualuna’, a water amusement park with outdoor pools and waterslides. 

The famous football match which is being played every year at the BEC Summer School, took place in the afternoon. The players on one team played against the coaches and staff coaches, on the opposite team. BEC Summer School history will show that the coaches have never lost a match, and the players were of course eager to change that historic record. But after a tough match the players found themselves defeated with the score; 2-5. 

Catch highlights from the match and the other activities from Day 5 in the video below:

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