The most essential part of a BEC Summer School is when the participating players and coaches have sessions together. And on day 3, the coaches delivered their first session to the players; the Summer School finally in full swing.

The coaches started their day in the class room preparing for the afternoon session, while the players repeated the schedule from yesterday; a session doing exercise on court and a physical session off court.

During the afternoon, the coaches delivered their prepared sessions for the players as a part of their Coach Education Level 2-course. The staff coaches observed the session and evaluated the coaches on their performance. This session was a wonderful opportunity to create relationships between the coaches and the players, while also providing the coaches with realistic training sessions on court.

The initiative of the Summer School was one of the first by the EBU (then: European Badminton Union) Development Committee. The idea is that players and coaches from all over Europe come together for a week-long training and education camp. Elite junior players and their coaches are directed by senior expert coaches, which provides the participants with special high-level opportunities to improve their skills, while at the same time giving them a valuable cultural experience and opportunity to make friends. 

And the opportunity to make friends was enhanced after dinner, yesterday, when the players could relax and socialize in a hot pool near the hall. 

Jean-Marc Serfaty, chair of the Sport for All Commission, was visiting Terme Olimia all day to observe the sessions and discuss the future development of the project.

Watch the video below to learn more about what happened during Day 3:

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