2006 Summer School: 25th edition from 9 to 16 July in Saarbruecken, Germany.

A record number of participants are in Saarbruecken, Germany to participate at the 25th edition of the European Summer School. There are 30 countries represented amongst the players, coaches and staff. The Summer School began on 8 July and lasts for one week.
The European Summer School is Badminton Europe’s premier development activity. This year the training camp celebrates its 25th birthday. Over 125 people are in Saarbruecken to take part in intensive badminton training.

The Summer School is not just about badminton, although time on court occupies a large share of the schedule, it gives participants an opportunity to learn about different nationalities. People come from all over Europe to attend the Summer School.

A typical day at the Summer School starts early. Breakfast is from 7.30am followed soon after by the morning training session. There is then a rest period after lunch before the second three hour training session in the afternoon. A variety of non-badminton activities take place each evening.

The singles tournament on the final day of the Summer School is always a fiercely competitive tournament. This was especially the case this year with such a large group of players. 44 competed in the boy’s tournament and 31 in the girl’s singles.

It was two players from Turkey who came out on top with Hasan Huseyin Durakcan winning the boy’s singles and Ezgi Epice successful in the girl’s event. The adults at the Summer School also have their own event. Rita Yuan Gao (Scotland) and Peter Mouritsen (Denmark) won the coaches doubles tournament.

Badminton Europe’s Director for Development David Cabello was in Saarbruecken to award the prizes to the players. The President Tom Bacher and Vice-President Jadwiga Slawska-Szalewicz, were also present at the celebrations and gave a special thank you to Martin Andersen. Martin Andersen has been involved in almost all of the 25 Summer Schools, but has decided to retire from his position as Director of the Summer School.