"It’s so rewarding when you exchange ideas and learn"

Thursday morning, in hot Slovenia, begun a session on doubles defence for the players while the coaches discussed and learnt some mighty trick shots. In the second session the players had a chance to first learn the tricks themselves and also teach them to one another.

The staff was greeted with a special Icelandic-service-with-a-smile at lunch and dinner as a group of (late) Icelandic players “decided” to reward the staff for their hard work organising the camp by serving the meals for them.

In the afternoon it was time for the 3rd individual training session of the week. These sessions, led by the trainee (?!) coaches were for me the essence of the week. The coaches worked really hard planning the sessions, and we got into very detailed discussions before and especially after the sessions.

These, and the numerous more informal discussions, are the main reasons why I am here this week: it’s so rewarding when you can exchange ideas and learn new ways to teach things from other badminton-crazy people from all over Europe (plus Indonesia!).

I have truly enjoyed the week – it has been hard work, but nevertheless rewarding. I have been happy to share my views with the players, coaches and staff alike, but at the same time I have learnt so much from all of them. I already look forward for the next editions of the BE Summer School!

Article by Antti Rajasärkkä, Staff Coach of the current edition.

In addition, here are some flash quotes from the coaches and players, member of this group:

“Today the coach education was all about trick shots. Things to remember: If someone can do it… The first shot has to look real. The skills of the coach in doing trick-shots should not be a limitation for the player. Something to focus on at home…”, Yves Olinger, coach (Luxembourg).

“The BE Summer School is a great organisation for players and coaches. Today was tricks in the morning, in the afternoon individual training with my partner/coach Yves from Luxembourg and me double training part 1 was rotation in attacking and part 2 was defence switch to attacking. It was great working with players from different countries. Slovenia is a beautiful with a lot of nature. I will come back to this country. Greetz”, Jeroen Verhulst, coach (Belgium).

“The camp is very interesting for me. I can meet new people, learn new things and so on. The best part is that I see trainers who want to teach me”, Dean Brabec, player (Czech Republic).

“I liked this day and most of the camp because I learnt a lot about badminton technique, I made new friends and I had three sessions per day (although I wanted four)”, Adrian Dereli, player (Romania).

“The training so far has been challenging and fun. The physical session was hard but the doubles today were the best. The special shots (deception) were useful and the extra doubles were appreciated”, Matthew Pritchard, player (Wales).

“Today in the morning the training was not as hard as yesterday, because we learnt some trick shots and that was very great. Generally I think that the individual sessions are a good chance for everybody to improve their own mistakes”, Karin Seebacher, player (Austria).

“I really enjoyed my time in Slovenia. I enjoyed learning all the new trick shots and doing the double routines today”, Rachael Darragh, player (Ireland).

“At the Summer School I like making new friends, learn shots. Today I really liked trick-shots and individual training”, Zan Laznik (Sovenia).

“When I came to Slovenia I did not know what the camp was going to be like but the days here were really a lot of fun. It was very interesting to practise with players and coaches from so many different countries and I am looking forward to the next day”, Jakob Wraber, player (Austria).

For pictures of the fifth day, click here.