There is hard work and a fantastic friendly atmosphere

I am sad today as I have realised that half of the BEC Summer School is already gone. There is still hard work here but big fun at the same time and a fantastic friendly atmosphere.

Everybody still remembers yesterday evening's football match between coaches and players. It is an old BEC Summer School tradition and coaches never lost before; perfect job from Budi – the referee of this match – and great play from coaches and staff gave a perfect result. The coaches won 5-3!

The morning session today began with footwork from Budi and finished with stability from Diemo and me. The coaches were involved in the training session and corrected the players as well. And in the afternoon, we all enjoyed sightseeing in Ljubljana. One more of the memorable days to come to an end.

Article by Vlada Cherniavskaya, Staff Coach of the current edition.

In addition, here are some flash quotes from the coaches and players, member of this group:

“I came to the Summer School to learn new techniques, new exercises and ways on how to explain and teach various badminton skills. But after a few days, what I find most valuable is the way of thinking about the game. Diemo, An, Antti, and others don’t stop asking questions about the purpose, progression in training, efficiently and also having fun, and I think I came with the purpose to try to work effectively and I’m definitely having fun”, Tomas Krajca, coach (Czech Republic).

“Slovenia could be recommended to every trainer. The variety of exercises and discussions make this camp interesting. The intelligence of the staff coaches is impressive. Every training session I learned something new. The contact with the players is new, they have their own language but understand the training very well. Because of this I have a good feeling about the training sessions”, Benjamin Braem, coach (Belgium)

“Everything has been so nice since we got here. The trainings are hard but I’ve learnt a lot”, Unnur Bjork Eliasdottir, player (Iceland).

“When I first came to the Summer School, I felt like I didn’t belong here and that all the players were much better than me. But I went over it fast because I got to know the other players. I really like Summer School, I get new friends, we are leaning a lot about badminton and we just have fun. It is good but it is hard. ’You don’t get anything without giving’”, Sólfríð Hjørleifsdóttir, player (Faroe Islands).

“I like the Summer School because I learn so many badminton skills. It’s very interesting. Coaches are professionals and I enjoy working with them. It’s a pity that Summer School is just 7 days”, Elena Kevac, player (Bosnia and Herzegovina).

“The camp is very, very, very, very, very, very good so in other words it is excellent. I have met and made lots of new buddies, especially Norway. I have also learnt a lot from this little camp as we do not have camps like this in Wales”, Tsung Fong Mo, player (Wales).

“I am so happy to be here, I’ve learnt so much and I am so grateful for everything”, Leon Seiwald, player (Austria).

“The BE Summer School is a great camp. You get new friends, you learn new things and you get to play with new players and train with many good and new coaches”, Peter Rønn Stensæth, player (Norway).

“This Summer School is very good because I can learn more new things. People and coaches are friendly and kind. I am happy that I am here”, Angelika Vargová, player (Slovakia).

“I like Summer School because we learn a lot of new shots and other new things. It is a pity that it lasts only a week but everything else is great, so I wish there will be more camps like this”, Sebastijan Miklic, player (Slovenia).

“Slovenia is amazing! I enjoy trying new things. I found the stability exercises challenging but fun. It’s different from my normal training but I enjoy it. It’s a great experience and would like to do it again!”, Euan Watson, player (Scotland).

For pictures of the fourth day, click here.