"I've found it really interesting helping the other coaches"

Today has been another fantastic day at the Summer School, leading the coach education focusing on net play and having some really great discussions with the coaches, thinking in depth.

Being involved for the first time as staff coach I have found really interesting helping the other coaches to develop and challenging themselves to come up with some great fun and relevant sessions for the players.

The atmosphere at the camp is fun and enjoyable mixing with new people. I am looking forward to showing my baby staff [youngest staff coach] skills on the football pitch later, and also showing the players how to dominate the dance-floor at the leaving party on Friday.

Article by Helen Ward, Staff Coach of the current edition.

In addition, here are some flash quotes from the players, member of this group:

“This Summer School is very nice and fun and of course the other players are very nice. It is good to be in Slovenia even though the flight was long. The training today was lots of fun, like all the trainings And the coaches are very very nice”, Sigridur Arnadottir (Iceland).

“This day was as good as the others. In the morning we combined the offensive with the defensive. During the second training we practised net shots. It was quite easy in the afternoon, we worked in small groups. I worked on my backhand side and I think it’s better now. I almost forgot: in the evening we are going to play football”, Madalina Ilie (Romania).

“I like this Summer School, it’s good to meet new people and get new friends. And that is what is good about this Summer School”, Magnus Christensen (Norway).

“This Summer School is great, I can learn new things, meet new people, eat great food and so on”, Bohumil Kašela (Slovakia).

“I like this Summer School because there are nice people and coaches, there is good food, there is interesting training, and the hotel and hall are beautiful”, Katarína Šariščanová (Slovakia).

“I really love the punishment [helping to wash a staff coach’s car] for being late at Summer School. But I’m really proud of myself for being on time, every time, today”, Flor Spanhove (Belgium).

“I like being here at the Summer School. There are good level players and it’s fun to compete with them. Also training is very hard and good, I’ve learnt so much footwork and technique. It’s fun here, also coaches are very good in my opinion”, Mihkel Talts (Estonia).

“The training in the morning was not so hard compared as in the afternoon. The training in the afternoon was really hard. I’m looking forward to the rest of this week”, Andrej Serov (Austria).

“I think it’s cool that there are so many trainers from so many different countries who can correct us. I really liked the individual training, because I learnt a lot in 2 hours, but I also like to play team games like volley-ball. I am really looking forward to the rest of the week, Jenny Ertl (Austria).

For pictures of the third day, click here.