“I am happy to see the coaches progression"

Monday, 16 July, very beautiful day...and perfect for "crazy" good sessions... We started with coaching session, where all the coaches showed great motivation and desire to learn and work hard! Of course, there were so many things to show and discuss that it was a miracle that we succeed to cover almost all tactical situations, footwork and strokes options (including the technical explanations...) for the rear forehand corner and finished covered in sweat... Wow... At the end all of the coaches wanted more...and for sure they will get it!

After the education, we started the second training session for the day, with a focus over the rear forehand offensive choices and the specific follow up to the net.

I was happy to see that most of the players were pushing themselves a lot. It is very easy to work when the players are willing to change and ready to work hard!

Then, it came the time for the....lunch. I have to admit that food here is really good and you could see this on the faces of everyone. And after such a good lunch, it was time for ......more badminton!

The afternoon was separated into two training sessions for the different teams and the coaches had the chance to put all what they have learnt in practice. While taking closer look over my team (Team 1, you are the best!) I saw that all the groups of players and coaches kept working hard and the coaches applied in one or other way the things they had learnt, so yes, I was happy.

Now we are getting ready for the next training day. I am sure it will be even more exciting than today.

Article by Stefan Ljutzkanov, Staff Coach of the current edition.

This year, 6 groups made of 7 to 9 players are coached by 2 to 3 coaches and supervised by one staff coach. Stefan’s group has 3 coaches and 9 players. They gave some first impressions after two days spent at the 31st Summer School.

The coaches Vasil Pili from Albania, Al Bredin from Ireland, and Tadej Jezernik from the host country agreed that Slovenia was a beautiful country. They appreciated the diversity of countries represented and the mix of different languages. Being a new experience for all, they enjoy their discussions about different aspects of the game. The fact that the staff coaches were available for advice and conversation improved their experience as well. Finally, being allocated a group was clearly a good idea for them.

In addition, here are some flash quotes from the players, member of this group:

“I think it’s very funny to be here. I have learnt so much over two days. The trainings are good and hard. I like the coaches, they make the sessions much more fun”, Linn Lilian Stenrud (Norway).

“I enjoy this BEC Summer School because people are very friendly and coaches too. If this camp is organized next year, I would like to go there very much”, Michaela Lukačinová (Slovakia).

“I’ve had a wonderful time here and I like the coaches and the players. The training here has been hard but I have learnt a lot. The hotel is very nice and all the people we’ve met are polite”, Jona Kristin Hjartardottir (Iceland).

“BEC Summer School is great fun! Much better than expected! Also the weather is much better than in Scotland!”, Adam Hall (Scotland).

“I think it was very nice until now. Except that me and Flor [other player from Belgium] were twice too late at training and we had extra duties as a punishment”, Stijn De Langhe (Belgium).

“BEC Summer School is a brand new experience for me. The things I like here are meeting people from other countries and training. It’s a pleasure to be here and to be part of this camp. I’m looking forward to the next few days”, Christoph Syrch (Austria).

“I’ve enjoyed my stay here a lot. It is fun and a great learning experience. Here in Slovenia we have been doing difficult training, which I really; I’m getting much out of the camp and I’m enjoying it”, Stefan As Ingvarsson (Iceland).

“This BEC Summer School is really good, I got lots of new friends. The training quality is high. I have never had before four training sessions a day; I like being here in Slovenia”, Dragoslav Petrovic (Serbia).

For pictures of the second day, click here.