RSL BEC Summer School 2018 

The RSL BEC Summer School 2018 is in the books and the participants have returned to their homes. Looking on the reactions of the coaches and players the RSL BEC Summer School has been a success.

Last week 41 players from 14 different countries and 26 coaches from 18 countries took part in the Summer School in Podcetrtek, Slovenia. One of the coaches was Megan Bredin, 21, from Ireland.

- I enjoyed my experience at the camp immensely. Coming back as a coach after once being a player at the camp brought back many memories, Bredin says.

- I learnt many new methods to coaching from staff coaches and fellow coaches, which I am looking forward to using in my work in the future. The camp was a great opportunity to develop contacts with other coaches and to meet new people. I highly recommend it to anyone and would love the opportunity to travel again to complete my level 2.

Fun activities throughout the week
Orla Flynn, 16, was back in Slovenia for the second consecutive year.

- I
really enjoyed summer school this year. We got a lot of coaching throughout the week and the opportunity to play against players of a high standard. We had multiple training sessions each day which included on court training, strength and conditioning. The singles tournament on the last day was challenging after a hard week of training. I got to play matches against a variety of different players. I came 3rd in the tournament and loved my prize - a new racket, bottle and keyring, Flynn says.

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The RSL BEC Summer School is not only about badminton. It is also about new friendships.

- We enjoyed fun activities throughout the week. These included a football match against the coaches, volleyball and a mountain walk. Our evenings were spent relaxing by the pool and going down the slides. Other evenings we had pizza or ice cream in the bar with our new friends. One of the highlights of the week was the party on the last night with karaoke and interesting dance moves from some of the coaches. It was a great end to a brilliant week. I’ve made so many new friends from different countries who I will keep in touch with. I would definitely recommend this camp, Orla Flynn says.

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The RSL BEC Summer School 2019 will also take place in Podcetrtek.