Working hard 


Staff coaches: from the left Jeroen Van Dijk (NED), Arturo R. Lopez (ESP), Huiawen XU (GER)



A lot of things happened already here in Vejen. Therefore we today asked different players, coaches, and staff coaches to share the impressions of the 2013 BEC Summer School with us.

Nathalie, NED, Coach Education
I like to work together with the coaches from the other countries – exchanging information, knowledge, and experiences; and meanwhile having a good laugh as well and enjoying ourselves. However, we have a very loaded schedule every day so far. I am ready for tomorrow’s exam in Coach Education.

Iza, SLO, player
I like BEC Summer School a lot. I gained a lot of experiences and got new ideas for the training when I return back home to Slovenia. I like to work with the staff coaches and coaches. In the training I love to work on my technical skills, and in the spare time I enjoy the company of the  players from the different European countries. It has been a great experience and I would like to come back to the BEC Summer School in the future. After the end of the BEC Summer School me and my sister Lia will join the training at the CTC Odense, and we are looking forward to that.

Kyle, MLT, player
It is a great experience. I am very satisfied with the training, because I only get few opportunities per year to train with the international players so I appreciated a lot. When I train with many different players and coaches, I get new ideas, new skills, so my game can improve a lot. We do not have many coaches in Malta, so I help myself a lot with the material I can find on the internet.

Palmi, ISL, player
I got a lot of good practice, learn some new technic. It is nice to play/train with the variety of players from different countries – I think that is good for my development. At the BEC Summer School I like most training with the staff coaches – I think I learn most from them. In the future, I would maybe like to have more training in the gym included.

Luka, SLO, Coach Education 
It has been a hard week, but I like it so far. I like to work with the other coaches and staff coaches, as that gives me the impression of how the other work in the home countries. I picked a lot of fresh and good ideas for my future work, when I return back to Slovenia, as I am coaching under 15 players back home in BC Medvode. I learned a lot during the week and I am confident to pass the Friday’s test.

Peter, AUT, Coach Education
It is very good that we get to know all kind of aspects on badminton – coaching aspect as well as sport aspect. I like the group dynamic – working with the group of players at one point, and working with the group of coaches/staff coaches at other times. That shows that badminton is an individual sport, however in order to be successful, everyone needs a good team.  As a player, I would like to see more players involved in the Coach Education, so they continue to work in badminton after the end with their player careers. Overall it has been a busy schedule, but I came prepared. I am excited about the Friday’s exam. 

Arturo, ESP, Staff Coach
This is my first Summer School as a staff coach. What I like about the project is that we get the opportunity to work with the players as well as the coaches, and that the groups we are working with are rather small, so we can very much focus on the individuals inside the groups. Some Summer Schools I am familiar with are usually having one program for everyone, so the players do not get so much individual input. That is not the case here. I got a lot of knowledge exchange during the week - with staff coaches, players as well as coaches. 

Jakob, DEN, Staff Coach
It was another great day, with a very motivated players. Even though they are working with the details, which demands a lot of the attention, they remained very focused and they are improving very well. I definitely saw a lot of improvement in my sessions, for which I am very satisfied. That tells me that there is a lot of potential players around Europe as well.

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