Coaches are important in any sports system and coach education is an important area the BWF and BEC are focusing on. In November 2012, the BWF completed the coach education level 1 resources and in December 2013 the BWF Coach Level 2 was released.

The Coach Education system includes Training/Coaching materials which:

  • are coach centred and competency based;
  • provide a learner pathway for coaches to build skills and knowledge over time;
  • cover the necessary core content at each level to build the knowledge and skill;
  • offer a range of optional content and supplementary resources and activities at each level;
  • integrate assessment tasks and activities to confirm coaches meet the required outcomes of the courses;
  • provide a credential or certificate to recognize achievement on courses.
Coach Education Resources - Level 1

Coach Level 1 resources are available in English, Portuguese, French and Spanish, with other languages soon to be available.

The key resources are:

  • Coaches' Manual- WHAT and HOW to coach - fundamentals for new/practicing coaches - click here   

  • Video Clips - to support coach education - physical elements/movement/strokes/tactics - click here   

  • Tutors Manual - for coach educators (tutors) delivering training at Level 1


Coach Education Resources - Level 2

Released in December 2013, the BWF Coach Level 2 is an Advanced Coaching Award catered for Badminton Coaches interested to Plan and Deliver a one year training programme. It covers the What to Coach – and How to Coach – similar to Level 1, but it explains the Coaching Principles more into detail. Currently available and English and Spanish. 

The resources are:

  • Coaches’ Manual – it encompasses 11 modules – highlighting in more depth the HOW to Coach, WHEN to Coach and WHAT to Coach - click here 

  • Tutors’ Manual – a Coach Educator/Tutors’ booklet for delivering the Level 2 course

  • Video Clips – supporting video clips, which gives a demonstration of the exercises covered in the Coaches Manual. It covers the technical, physical testing and the physical training aspects - click here  

If you wish to have more information about Coach Education, you are welcome to contact BEC Development and High Performance Officer, Mari Carmen Casermeiro at