Project Description

Advance Badminton Coaching Education through the development of a European Badminton Coaching Framework (ADVANCE) addresses the topic of the promotion of education in and through sport with a special focus on skills development, as well as support the implementation of the EU guidelines on Dual Careers of Athletes. The project addresses this topic as it seeks to develop and improve badminton coaching education at European level. 
This project also foresees a training needs analysis that will be the foundation for the advancement of badminton coaching education, the development of a framework for badminton coaching education, the development of pedagogic materials (guide for instructors and online platform) to successfully develop an Advanced Badminton Coaching Education.

Main aims

The main aim of this project is in fact to advance and further develop the skills of badminton coaches at a European level and the project objectives are:

  • To advance the education and skills development of badminton coaches at a European level via the provision of an Advanced Badminton Coaching Education.
  • To facilitate access to badminton coaching education at a European level.
  • To facilitate and promote dual careers in badminton for both coaches and players.
  • To provide a skills development pathway for badminton coaches via the framework.
  • To implement and sustain a European Badminton Coaching Framework and a European-led approach for Badminton Coaching Education.
  • To facilitate the integration of a European badminton coaching framework in sport academia, badminton organisations and key stakeholders.

Project Consortium

For this project, Badminton Europe has formed a consortium with 6 organisations coming from different European countries. All the organisations involved in this project have expertise and knowledge in relation to sport coaching and badminton coaching and therefore the project proposed is highly relevant to all organisations involved in the project consortium. The proposed project brings together sport academia, representatives of sport coaches and badminton associations to ensure the successful implementation of the project. The following are the partner organisations involved in the consortium:

  • Universitatea Națională de Educație Fizica și Sport din Bucaresti.
  • International Council for Coaching Excellence.
  • Nederlandse Badminton Bond.
  • University of Cyprus Sports Center.
  • Scottish Badminton Union.
  • Deutscher Badminton-Verband e.V.
Project Design

In this project, the main aiming tools which will be developed are:

1. Training needs analysis will feature detailed document which will be divided into three main sections: (1) a mapping process of the available education and training opportunities for badminton coaches in Europe, (2) a training and needs analysis exercise focusing on badminton coaches amongst the 54 member associations of Badminton Europe and (3) sharing and the identification of best practices of current badminton coaching education and best practices in line.

2. Advanced Badminton Coaching Framework 

This will in the format of a detailed report and will be finalised in the English Language.The definition of the fundamental principles of the modules in regards of a competence-based programme, the development of a general framework/course outline, the definition of skills/ competences and the development of badminton specific curriculum of 11 modules: 1) children’s and juniors development, 2) physiology and physical training, 3) anatomy and biomechanics, 4) sports psychology, 5) training planning, 6) pedagogy and didactics, 7) nutrition, 8) badminton, 9) personal coaching philosophy, 10) dual careers and 11) Entrepreneurship

3. Advanced Badminton Coaching Education Guide for Instructors 

This will be in the format of a guidebook which will be a pedagogical resource for Instructors of the Advanced Badminton Coaching Framework (approximate 200 hours of total learning). The project consortium in this project have focuses on the creation of 1 in-depth tool as a teaching resource, which will facilitate the teaching of the Advanced Badminton Coaching Education. The Guide for Instructors will be a downloadable online resource. 

The Guidebook will include: 

  • -  11 Modular lesson plans in line with a blended learning approach (physical contact hours, virtual learning, self-study, supervised practice and assessment).
  • -  Teaching Notes for a Modular Approach or the full version of the Advanced Badminton Coaching Education.
  • -  Teaching Content including resources for physical contact hours, virtual learning, self-study, supervised practice and assessment.

4.  Online Tool- European Badminton Coaching Education Platform 

This  will be an online learning platform that will feature the virtual learning of the content developed in Intellectual Output 3. The platform will have two interfaces one for instructors and another one for learners. 

Besides, all these tools will be disseminated through a wire ranges of sport events.

A call for interested coaches in attending the Advance Badminton Coach Education Programme will be issued amongst Badminton Europe Member Associations (which also include grassroots). These coaches will have the possibility to participate in 200 hours (approximately) of Advance Badminton Coaching Education that has been developed through the tools already mentioned and described.