Kick off Transnational Project Meeting - 12 and 17 February 2021 - Online
Second Transnational Project Meeting - 17 August 2021 - Bucharest (Romania)
Third Transnational Project Meeting - 8-10 March 2022 - Leeds (UK)
Fourth Transnational Project Meeting - 13 September 2022 - Holbæk (Denmark)
Fifth Transnational Project Meeting - 26 June 2023 - Saarbrücken (Germany)


The ADVANCE Project is on!

The ADVANCE project is moving forward  

Interested in coaching? 

Excellent progress in the ADVANCE project

16 coaches selected for the ADVANCE European Badminton Coaching Education 

The ADVANCE European Badminton Coaching Education kicked off last week! 

Haarlem, the second stop for the ADVANCE course 

Great progress at the second ADVANCE Coaching Education course 

The ADVANCERS excel in the third stop of the course 

world-class finish for ADVANCE 

ICCE - Global Coach Conference (Lisbon, Portugal)

BEC - 2022 Badminton Europe Congress 

EAS Annual Conference 2022: A Holistic Approach to the Dual Career of the Student Athlete


WORKSHOPS delivered

Matthew Haynes (Malta) 
Jose Antonio Crespo (Spain) 
Nathan van der bruggen (Belgium)
Tomas Skala (Czech Republic)
Tania Teoh (Denmark)
Vincenzo Sammartano (France)  
Lilit Poghosyan (Armenia)
Roy Mulder (Netherlands) 
Manuel Vazquez (Spain)
Pedro Gomes (Portugal)  
Thies Windiger (Germany)

2021 - ADVANCE Kick Of Meeting