Key Shuttle Time Staff

The success of Shuttle Time depends on the experience and knowledge of the key people. They have different roles in implementing Shuttle Time.


The key “driver” for Schools Badminton in each country. Coordinates nationally the implementation of Shuttle Time. Main contact person.



Shuttle Time Experts are appointed by the BWF. These Experts are responsible to educate the Shuttle Time Trainers. They deliver Shuttle Time Trainer/Tutor Courses worldwide.


Responsible for training the Schools Badminton Tutors (two or three day course). Trainers are very familiar with all aspects of the Schools Badminton Resources, are educators or badminton coaches, may have an education / school background and have knowledge and experience of adult learning / training.


Tutors deliver the one day (in some cases – two day). Teacher Training Course. These are most likely badminton coaches, or PE teachers with badminton experience. Ideally with a schools / teaching or badminton background. Familiar with the resources and teaching situations – badminton in schools. Getting the right people for the right role is essential. Training is also important in the process of implementing Shuttle Time.

Teachers ( in the schools )

PE teachers / sports teachers who are responsible for taking PE classes or sports classes with children. They may not have previous badminton experience.

Children ( in the schools )

5 – 15 year old school children. The badminton exercises and activities in Shuttle Time can cater for children from 5 – 15 years. Shuttle Time provides an introduction to badminton for life.