Project Title & Acronym

Kid Shuttlers – Attract and Nurture Young Badminton Players 



The project, titled: Kid Shuttlers – Attract and Nurture Young Badminton Players (SHUTTLERS),

addresses the weaknesses and obstacles that are faced by most of the badminton organisations at

grassroots level, while enticing a healthier lifestyle among the European communities. The project

addresses these gaps by developing new modules and strategies that assist badminton organisations how to strengthen their organisation, while continuing to attract kids to become badminton players and retain them.

Specific Objectives

The specific objectives of this project are: 

  • Strengthen the organizational and administrative element of the clubs hereby ensuring a more sustainable model. 

  • Identify best practices in relation to the recruitment and retention of children in sport with a focus on badminton. 

  • Develop strategies how best to recruit and retain young badminton players. 

  • Test and evaluate the initiatives to ensure that the deliverables could be adopted across different European countries. 

Project Consortium

For this project, six organisations from six different European countries have come together to build a strong proposal that will address these gaps and ensure that the deliverables of this proposal are of high quality.

All partner organisations have expertise and knowledge in those tasks that they will be involved

in and therefore none of the technical expertise needed for the project will be sub-contracted. Apart from this, all organisations are involved in the field of sport and thus the proposed project is highly relevant to all organisations involved in the consortium.

The following are the organisations that will lead this project:

  • Badminton Europe, a European umbrella organisation

  • Sports Coaching Europe, an organisation representing the technical aspect of coaching

  • Universidad Europea, an academic institution with a specification in the field of sports

  • Austrian Badminton Association, badminton association working directly with badminton clubs at grassroots level.

  • Deutscher Badminton-Verband e.V., badminton association working directly with badminton clubs at grassroots level.

  • Lithuanian Badminton Federation, badminton association working directly with badminton clubs at grassroots level.


1. Development of an Education Toolkit to strengthen the Badminton Club Model


Research on developing and enhancing club structures. Research on the present situation of sports and badminton clubs across Europe will be carried out. This will include the collection of data on the administrative, financial and activity level of each organisation.

Curriculum Development of 4 Modules 

Strengthening the Badminton Club Model – Guide for Instructors, including the Teaching Content and Teaching Notes for each module. This document will include the material to be used for all participants and also for instructors.

Strengthening the Badminton Club Model – Pilot Testing. Piloting the Education Toolkit. A selection of trainers who will carry out national training sessions targeting 10 participants from national Badminton grassroot organisations. 

Refining the Badminton Club Model by implementing the feedback achieved in all pilot projects.

Digitisation of the Strengthening Badminton Club Model. 

2. Development of a European Framework on Recruitment of Young Badminton Players 


Research on Sport Recruitment Strategies. Data will be collected from various European countries, as surveys will be also distributed online to gather as much information as possible 

Development of Strategies for Recruitment of Young Badminton Players. SHUTTLERS will develop a minimum of 5 strategies that will facilitate the recruitment of young badminton players.

Testing and refining the Education through Sports Module & the Badminton Open Week Model

3. Development of a European Framework on the Retention of Badminton Players


Research on Retention Strategies in Sports

Kids and Club Retention Strategy. Develop a strategy that will facilitate the retention of young badminton players based on the following themes: 

✓ Theme 1 – Development of basic motor skills 

✓ Theme 2 – Make Badminton fun! 

✓ Theme 3 – Positive and motivating reward system 

✓ Theme 4 – Creating a Development Pathway 

Testing and refining the Kids and Club Retention Strategies