Certificated Training Centres

The aim of the Badminton Europe Certificated Training Centres (CTC’s) is to give recognition to well established training environments in Europe and to facilitate cooperation between the CTC’s including the BEC Centre of Excellence (CoE).

It is open for all European Training Centres to apply for certification status which will normally be given if the following requirements are fulfilled and/or agreed:

  • To provide a contact person for the CTC to communicate as required with BEC
  • To have a group of players that compete in BWF Sanctioned Tournaments
  • To have one or more BWF Level 2 certified coaches or equivalent level
  • To have at least 10 hours of training per week
  • To be willing to receive and send players and/or coaches for training exchanges with other CTC’s or CoE
  • To send minimum one technical director or coach for network meetings prepared by BEC
  • To have been nominated by the relevant Member Association (MA)

Fulfilment of the criteria will be reviewed annually. If the criteria are not met, the CTC status will not be renewed.

If you are interested in getting your training environment certified as a BEC CTC, the following steps must be completed:

  • Check if your training environment lives up to the criteria
  • Fill out this application form
  • Send the application form to Senior Manager, Jacob Oehlenschlaeger 
  • Latest 3 weeks after receiving your application, you will receive an answer if your application has been successful

If you have any questions, please contact BEC Development and High Perfomance Officer: Tommi Saksa (tommi.saksa@badmintoneurope.com)