1st of September 2017 RSL BEC Centre of Excellence (CoE) opened. 

It is Badminton Europe exciting initiative to secure an on-going development and further improvement of High Performance level in Europe.

Training takes place in the recently built Holbæk Sportsby.


To make European badminton competitive in a global context.


The short term VISION for CoE is to provide a high quality and aspirational training base for talented and deserving players from all over Europe. 
The long term VISION is for CoE to become a vehicle for extended cooperation among Members and potentially CCs to benefit the overall development of European and World Badminton.

Overall CoE wants a group of 26 single players from Europe and the rest of the World who are willing to:

•Invest in their badminton career
•Provide maximum dedication to perform
•Contribute at the CoE with their training mates
•Be a part of the CoE training structure while enjoying the experience 
•Contribute with strong team spirit

For further information take a journey around the CoE facilities  and feel free to contact us .