Olympic Solidarity

Through Olympic Solidarity (OS), the International Olympic Committee (IOC) works with athletes, coaches, sports administrators, National Olympic Committees (NOCs), and International Federations to support the worldwide development of all sport. OS is the organization responsible for distributing the share of television revenue from the Olympic Games that is allocated to NOCs. Since 1985, the OS Commission has developed its activities on a quadrennial-plan basis.

Funding from Olympic Solidarity is available in different areas. The areas most relevant for badminton are:

To get a better understanding of the OS World Programmes structure and to find out more about objectives, budgets and programmes established for the 2021-2024 quadrennial, open this Olympic Solidarity leaflet .

We encourage our Members to work closely with their NOCs in order to seize badminton opportunities throughout this OS quadrennial period.

For any further questions about Olympic Solidarity Programmes, contact Mari Carmen Casermeiro Gamez, BEC Development & High Performance Officer at maricarmen.casermeiro@badmintoneurope.com