Good atmosphere in Pécs

The second Phoenix Camp (Badminton Europe supported Regional Project) was hosted by the Hungarian Badminton Association in the period 12-17 August. The twelve young and talented players and the three coaches from Romania, Serbia and Hungary participated in the camp that was held in Pécs, Hungary.

The players had two training sessions per day with the focus on technic, footwork and accuracy. Every morning there was the singles training, while the afternoon’s trainings were with the focus on the doubles. The players got familiar with a lot of new exercises. The atmosphere was very good and the countries would very much like to continue with the Phoenix Project in the future.

The players participating in the camp: Natasa Pavlovic, Anja Janic, Adelina Marin, Catalina Simionescu, Agnes Korosi, Kata Klaudia Kispal, Ivan Vujosevic, David Dusic, Cosmin Panfil, Radu Rusu, Mano Szecskay, Tamas Madarasz.

The coaches: Gabor Banhegyi, Mladen Janic, Dorel Badiu.

Report by Gabor Banhegyi