In the period 1 - 6 July 2012 the first part of the Phoenix project (Badminton Europe supported Regional Project) was held in Kragujevac, Serbia. The best U17 players from Greece, Romania, Hungary and Serbia took part in the badminton camp that was for the fourth year in a row hosted by the city of Kragujevac and the Badminton Club Ravens KG, in cooperation with the Badminton Association of Serbia.

The players had been training two times a day. The host organized some free time activities – swimming pool trip and walking-tour in the park Sumarice, as well as the tournament for the participating players, which had been played during the last two training sessions.

MS Winner: Adrian Dereli
WS Winner: Agnes Korosi
MD Winner: Mano Szecskay/ Tamas Madarasz
WD Winner: Agnes Korosi/ Kata Klaudia Kispal

The players showed a great improvement in their skills and the ability to use the new learned technical and tactical elements in the game.
Overall the organisation of the camp was successful.  It helped to strengthen the relationship between the participants, both on and off the court.

Report by Nikola Mijacic