COMEBA Camp in Greece

The Hellenic Badminton Association hosted the training camp in Edessa, Greece from 1st to 7th July, funded by Badminton Europe as part of their Regional Project Scheme. A total of 42 players of all ages and abilities were supported by a team of 5 coaches.

Each day was split into 3 training sessions of 1,5 to 2 hours duration, two sessions in the morning and one in the evening. Morning sessions were focussed on technical and tactical player development. The evening session concentrated more on coach development, reviewing the morning sessions and planning/discussing the following day’s coaching. The camp as well included a final tournament (both singles and doubles) where players were able to display the skills they had been working on during the camp.

Both players and coaches worked hard both physically and mentally during the camp. Appreciation in particular should go to the older players who were very supportive towards the younger players in the camp, both on and off the court.

Thanks to Badminton Europe for funding the camp and the Hellenic Badminton Association for hosting the event!

Report by Mike Woodward