COMEBA camp in Cyprus

During the weekend the camp started after I have made the assessment of the athletes the evening before.

We determined to work during this camp on the own singles skills but emphasizing doubles and mixed doubles tactics. The group varies in ages from U-13 up to U-22 + coaches.

During the weekend we had planned 3 training sessions of each 2,5 and 2 hrs. During the week all morning sessions were lasting 3 hours, the evening session was always a 2-hour session. So in this way a considerable amount of training could be achieved. Due to the low intensity of work load, everyone was able to keep up the training.

The chosen work forms for doubles and mixed tactics were well applied into the several test matches we have made. So every participating athlete could see his/her improvement of these skills during the week. I was confident too these athletes I already know for a longer period of time will use these skills in their future competition matches. I’m sure their respective coaches will continue this work in their future training as well alongside own developed forms. I’m already looking forward to be able to witness these changes in due time.

Furthermore, on this occasion I would express my thanks to all players and coaches for their formidable collaboration and hard work they have shown during this camp. As well as CoMeBA and Albatros Badminton Club I would like to thank for organising this camp.

Report by John Fikenscher