Regional Project activity in Albania

Badminton Europe recently supported a Regional Project activity in Albania. A brand new hall was used for the training camp that featured players from Albania, Greece and Macedonia.

This was the first time that an international development activity for badminton has taken place in Albania.

Badminton Europe’s Council Member Corina Dan visited the project in Korce and helped with coaching at the training sessions.

The training sessions focussed on technique, tactics and footwork with match practise in singles and doubles. Every day different children came to the hall to find out about the sport of badminton taking place in their town. Television coverage of the training camp was featured on local and national TV channels in Albania.

List of the participants:



Elio Treska
Equerem Manoku
Alexander Ciko
Marvi Gellci
Thimi Fili
Ida Pili
Dea Baze
Rebecca Shkurti
Margarita Shkurti            
Adela Zhgaba


Anesti Treska
Elvira Beta
Romeo Xega
Altin Cale
Olsi Haxhillari



Andreas Lazidis-Athanasiou  
Despina Kantzoglou          
Anna Damakoude            


Yianis Chalatsoglou



Hristijan Volkanovski        
Marko Dimitrov               
Alecsandar Cvetanov          
Ina Stefanovska              
Daria Stefanovska              
Simona Mihajlova             
Sara Goranska


Blagoja Stojanovski          
Blagoja Damjanov             

Badminton Europe would like to congratulate the Albanian Badminton Federation for organising this activity and also thank the Hellenic and Macedonian Badminton Federations for supporting the camp by sending participants.