Spanish Regional-Project successfully held

With the support of Badminton Europe a training camp for national U 19 and some Spanish U17 players was held in Alicante. This was collaboration between Spain, France, Italy and Portugal. The camp was one of Badminton Europe supported Regional Projects 2010.

From 2 to 5 February, 47 players and 9 coaches worked together in the Spanish Badminton Federation organized training camp. With two training daily sessions all participants were quite busy. The daily training of 6 hours was a mix of technical and tactical training.

List of the participants:

FRANCE: 2 women & 4 men U19
Cirylle Grombowicz, National Coach U19

Puyo, National Coach U19

ITALY: 2 women & 2 men U19

Fabio Morino, National Coach U19

PORTUGAL: 3 women & 4 men U19

Tom John, National Coach U19

SPAIN: 6 women & 6 men U19
5 women & 5 men U17
Ernesto García, National Coach U19
Salvador Franco, National Coach U17
Anders Thomsen, Coach ESP - FESBA
Fernando Rivas, Coach National Center FESBA
David Serrano, Sport Director FESBA

A Quote from Spain: “The most positive thing of this kind of activity is the collaboration among the countries for the improvement of our players. It let us value players level in different countries. It encourages the union with neighbour countries and supports the development for international tournaments of European Junior Circuit”

After the training days the players had the opportunity to proof there new knowledge in the Spanish International Junior 2010 that followed. The camp gave an ideal opportunity for different training and preparation for the four countries.

Results of the tournament can be found - here.

Pictures of the camp can be found on the Spanish webpage - click here.