Phoenix Regional Project 2010 in Serbia

12 July 2010

From 3 to 7 July the city of Kragujevac, Serbia hosted for the second time the Phoenix Project. This training-camp is part of the Badminton Europe ‘Regional Project 2010’-funding with three participating countries: Hungary, Romania and Serbia. It is a preparation camp for the U19 European Championships in Helsinki.

The Phoenix-camp was built up on two daily trainings run by Stefan Nyari from Romania and Andreas Johannsen from Denmark. The trainings were of high technical and tactical level. It was a great chance for the players to get some other views on badminton then that of their own country.

All players showed great improvement in skills and ability to use the trained technical and tactical elements in their game. In comparison to earlier years, the Serbian team developed much the last year, to claim titles in MS and MD and second place in WS and WD, in the integrated tournament.

All in all the camp was a success and helped heighten the good relationship between the three countries both on and off the court.

The camp also had high interest from the media as we had excessive TV coverage on two TV channels, articles in two newspapers and several web portals, including the webpage of the city council (available here).

The Phoenix project is now running successfully for some years with the financial support of Badminton Europe. It is always consisting of two camps per year, that are alternating between the participating countries. Over the years, the camp was very successful in establishing a good relationship between the countries as well as improving the level of all participants.

List of the participants:



Niemersheim Andreas
Blanita Alexandru
Ionascu Catalin
Tudor Florin
Stefan Alexandra
Balut Sabina
Mircu Oana


Stefan Nyari



Donat Hoffmann
Laszlo Nemeth
Jakab Orban
Mano Szecskay
Agnes Korosi
Noemi Karsai
Zsofia Kispal
Judit Kispal


Gabor Bahhegyi



Ilija Pavlovic
Filip Stojiljkovc
Borko Petrovic
Miodrag Kalicanin
Milica Simic
Nina Starcevic
Ivana Maksimovic
Andrijana Stankovic


Andreas Johannsen
Nikola Mijacic
Andreja Todorovic