Training camp in the Barents region

14 September 2010

By Kjell Kålheim (camp leader)

Since 1992 in the first week of August, we are organizing a training camp for badminton players in the sports hall in the woods in Saariselkä, Finland.

From 1 to 6 August 2010 we had invited badminton players from Russia, Sweden, Finland and Norway to take part in the camp organized by Finnmark Badminton Federation.

At this year’s camp 24 players took part. 21 players came from the Northernmost counties in Norway; Nordland, Troms and Finnmark. This time only 2 players came from the Russian county Arkhangelsk. We also had 2 players from Moscow taking part. This year no players from Sweden and Finland participated.

We had agreed with 4 Russian coaches to run the camp. In addition, 6 club coaches and leaders were there to take care of their players, and maybe learn something new about badminton.

The age of the participants was from 10 to 18 years. As the club coaches were together with their players, the camp could develop both players and coaches.

For 5 days they worked together in the sports hall and on the other venues in Saariselkä. Every morning at 07:45 all players had to get out for a short run, just to “wake up”.

The main activity on the camp was of course badminton, but there was also time for a floor ball-tournament. The players spent some hours in the swimming pool and were out running and walking in the woods too.

List of the participants:

Russia (from Moskva and Arkhangelsk)


Albina Mironova
Olga Dubovenko
Tatiana Zhitnukhina
Alina Zhitnukhina


Valery Lamanov
Dmitri Dubovenko
Lena Dubovenko
Oleg Gorbachevskiy
Irina Zhitnukhina
Aleksey Zhitnukhin

Norway (from Hadsel and Mehamn) 


Lasse Nyheim
Rikke Nyheim
Jan Ivar Ramberg
Ayan Bhart
Kine Henriksen
Charlotte Leinan
Marius Berg
Kristoffer Hveding
Viktoria Johannessen
Patrick Hansen
Karoline Dolonen