Elite singles Regional Project 2010 in France

08 October 2010

The regional camp in France is a collaboration of four countries: England, Germany, Holland and France. Those bring their top elite U15 single players together. The 24 players have been practising high-level badminton during the 5 days. The coaches of the players guided the sessions about the development of tactics awareness.

A video of the camp is available here.

From the 11 - 15 August 3 boy, 3 girls and a coach of each participating country met in Parc OLHAIN (North of France) for this camp. The camp has been a real success on and off court. The players shared practise, culture and experience and the coaches discussed every afternoon about different topics regarding the development of European single players to the top of the world.

The level of the practise was very high during the whole camp. This was supported by the use of modern tools as watching videos and making an analysis video session.
All players and coaches were extremely involved, so that all participants benefited of bringing together elite young players from different countries, with different background, style of play and culture of practise.
What they all learned from each other and from the expert coaches is a big addition to what they learn in their own countries. This reinforced the feeling of strength among all players.
The social part of including external activities (disc golf, golf) gave another benefit to all participants.

The knowledge sharing between the coaches covered among other things: single tactics, how to catch the Asian level, the introduction to the “action type system” to analyse and develop the players. The exchange of experience was underlined by the structure of the trainings camp. So every badminton session was prepared and hold by a coach of a different nation but all covered the main theme.
As the collaboration between the coaches is improving and they take the chance to elaborate a more precise general theme of the camp at the 8 nations U15 on February. So they already decided on the topics of next sessions.

This project is part of the Badminton Europe ‘Regional Project 2010’-funding to establish and support collaborations between different European Badminton Associations.

With four participating countries: England, France, Germany and Netherlands this project wants to develop and strengthen elite singles players.

The programme of the camp can be found here.

List of the participants:



Sean Wendy
Marcus Smith
Craig Smith
Lynlette Aung
Brodie Miller
Jessica Pugh


Gavin Hasley
Wendy Taylor



Tanguy Citron
Thibault Nguyen
Alexandre Hammer
Pernelle Oliva
Anne Tran
Marion Ligier


Christophe Jeanjean
Thomas Adam



Stefan Waafler
Max Weisskirchen
David Peng
Yvonne Li
Louisse Heim
Kim Bender


Rainer Diehl



Alex Vlaar
Ruben Jille
Roy Mulder
Alida Chen
Renske Kwakkenbos
Lisa Van Stenus


Pieter von Soerland