Regional Project 2010 in Albania

13 July 2010

From 2 - 8 July the Albanian Badminton Federation organized for the third year in a row a training camp. The camp is aiming at U13 and U15 players from the Balkan region. It was supported by Badminton Europe’s ‘Regional Project 2010’-funding.

‘It was nice to see that since my last 2 times I was in Albania (November 2008, July 2009) the Albanian players have not lost their interest and motivation of playing even if they are only a handful of players of different ages and different levels of playing.

The place of the training sessions was every year better: school sports hall with 1 court - school sports hall with 4 courts – Sport Palace with the possibility of 5/6 courts.

From the very beginning during the 2 hours training there was dedication from both player’s groups - Greeks and Albanians – the loveliest thing a coach could wish for his training sessions.

In the last day, in the morning we had a singles tournament and in the afternoon a doubles tournament. Singles was played in 3 groups.
The winners of the 1st group were: 1. Ioana TRIFTI 2. Maria-Eleni ROUGLIOS 3. Ioana PILI
The winners of the two other groups played each other and the final winners were: 1. Lambros GOUVERJANOS 2. Equerem MANOKU 3. Elio TRESKA and Thomas ROUGLIOS

The doubles competition was won by Elianna MANDOUKA & Ida PILI, followed by Elio TRESKA & Equerem MANOKU on 2nd place and Chistos KARANTZAS & Thomas ROUGLIOS on 3rd place.

And at last but not at least the great “ambition & devotion show” presented by players during the tournament captured everybody’s attention from hall keepers and visitors to coaches and parents.

At departure, we all had a strange feeling that it should have lasted a few more days....’

Text and photo by Corina Dan (Romania), Instructor of the camp in Albania

List of the participants:



Elianna Mandouka (1998. W)
Maria-Eleni Rouglios (2000. W)
Thomas Rouglios (1999. M)
Lambros Gouverianos (1998. M)
Christos Karantzas (1998. M)
Giannis Zias (1998. M)


Giorgos Bonelis



Ioana Trifti (1994. W)
Ida Pili (1995. W)
Dea Baze (1995. W)
Ioana Pili (1999. W)
Nassiola Teneqexhi (1999. W)
Xlorxhia Peno (1999. W)
Esta Drenesku (2000. W)
Equerem Manoku (1994. M)
Dhoxiander Ciko (1994. M)
Elio Treska (1995. M)
Aldo Shushi (1995. M)
Thimi Fili (1996. M)
Marvi Gelci (1996. M)
Eri Pendavinji (2004. M)


Mishel Pili
Anesti Treska
Ervin Rota
Altin Cale