Badminton and sailing in Sweden

There were 24 excited young players and four coaches from Denmark, Finland, Iceland and Sweden, arriving to Karlskrona August the first to spend five intensive days for training under the leadership of Swedish coach Erik Bojesson.

As usual the host Badmintonklubben Carlskrona could offer the participantss a beautiful weather, warm and sunny the whole week.

The training was in a professional way guided by the head coach and his assisting coaches from Finland, Danmark and Iceland.

After some tough starting days with lot of training it was time to relax by sailing some two hundred years old sailing-boats from the navy base guided by sufficient number of navy officers. All participants had to take part in the rigging and sailing of those old boats. After well performed sailing it was time for a swim, dinner at the Marinmuseum and shopping.

In the morning same day a visit were made to the test lab – Blekinge Health Arena att Arena Rosenholm. The players and coaches were tested and had possibility to use varius testequipments.

In the last evening it was time for barbecue with president of Badminton County of Blekinge – Christer Håkanson - as a grillmaster. Nice weather and some extra activities like volleyboll and mini golf made the evening memorable.

After a successfull week with good training lead by skilful coaches and good opportunities for relaxation, it was time to take the train back to Copenhagen Airport and back home.


Management for Nordic Camp 2011

Kalevi Conrad
Jonny Gärdh
Christer Håkanson
Bengt Johansson

Headcoach: Erik Bojesson, Badminton Sweden



Mia Blichfeldt W
Julie Dawal Jacobsen W
Irina Andersen W
Jeppe Bay Madsen M
Joel Eipe M
Jacob Lindqvist M


Nikolai Tönnesen



Jenni Rautiainen W
Elina Niiranen W
Hanna Karkaus W
Peppi Pakarinen M
Jan Pasanen M
Iiro Nokkala M


Joonas Lepistö



Alda Karen Jonsdottir W
Anna Karen Johannsdottir W
Lina Dora Hannesdottir W
Alexander Huang M
Kristofer Darri Finnsson M
Palmi Gudfinnsson M


Karen Yr Saemundsdottir



Elin Svensson W
Ebba Strid W
Moa Sjöö W
Morgan Lidman M
Karl Murgård M
Viktor Aglinder M


Erik Bojesson