Second Phoenix camp in Serbia

Phoenix_Kragujevac 2011_grupna

Phoenix project is being realised for five years, under the patronage of Badminton Europe.

For the third year in a row, from August 12th to 16th, the city of Kragujevac and badminton club "Ravens KG", in cooperation with Badminton Association of Serbia, hosted talented players and coaches from the region.

In 2011, in this regional badminton practice camp, the best players under 17 years from Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary and Serbia had been practicing in the indoor court of "Druga kragujevacka gimnazija" high school. Also, first part of this project was realised in Pecs(Hungary) during the period 04.-08.July 2011.

Each training was getting more and more interesting by choosing different sparing partners and at the end of the training time having the possibility to play with those you wished to compare your strength with. There were technical and tactical advises from trainers, footwork has been done and some good matches could be seen.

Beside having two quality and very heavy training sessions on each day, the participants of the project have used their free time for getting to know each other and sighsteeing of the city of Kragujevac.
Special happening was the group watching of badminton matches from the World Championship that took place in London, in the same time as the project. All participants have been enjoing the good performance of their favourite players, and cheering for them while they were playing for medals against dominant players from Asia.

All the players showed great improvement in skills and ability to use the trained technical and tactical elements in their game. All in all the camp was a success and helped heighten the good relationship between the three countries both on and of the court.

Article by Andreja Todorovic
hoto by Živojin Ðordevic



Agnes Korosi (1995. W)
Noemi Karsai (1995. W)
Klaudia Kispal (1995. W)
Daniel Toth (1995. M)
Mano Szecskay (1995. M)
Jakab Orban (1995. M)


Gabor Banhegyi
Marta Vigh



Eva Toneva (1995. W)
Vladimir Shishkov (1995. M)
Liliyan Mihaylov (1994. M)
Victor Mincev (1996. M)
Atanas Matev (1995. M)


Alexandar Tokev



Alexandra Pup (1995. W)
Ariana Prodan (1997. W)
Andra Olariu (1998. W)
Ana-Maria Pup (1995. W)
Dan Ilin (1996. M)
Andreas Thiel (1995. M)


Stefan Nyari
Corina Dan



Jovan Babajic (1996. M)
Nevena Milanovic (1996. W)
Ana Janic (1997. W)
Sofija Milosevic (1995. W)
Dragoslav Petrovic (1996. M)
Ivan Vujosevic (1995. M)


Andreja Todorovic
Nikola Mijacic