Regional project in Portugal

It was a real pleasure to organize this 6-day camp in Portugal. Players worked hard to obtain the best benefit they could from all the well prepared training sessions .We could feel a true atmosphere of cooperation and help between all participants (players and coaches) and to compare different approaches to solve specific difficulties. The general feeling at the end was that it ran very well and was quite useful to all the players. Everyone liked the facilities and the organization and it was nice to see at the end the friendship among all participants.

We think that these type of camps are quite useful for players around this age and that BE goes on helping and supporting countries on these activities.


We think that the concentration is really funny because when the days have gone we were getting on well all together and we made a lot of friends and we think that all the people that came here are very friendly and sociable.

The first day we were a little tired and shy; but then during the training we mixed all together and we went diferent people of different level, and we were having fun with them.

We thought that the training is great because it is not really really hard but it is with intensity and we enjoyed training different exercises that we dont usually do.

The idea of going to the beach was good, but the weather wasnt good, because it was a little cold and we couldnt sunburn, but we had a really good time.

We hope meeting all this players again, to have another incredible week with them.

Thanks you for all you did!


From the Junior coach of Italy Fabio Morino:

“The Regional Project is a good opportunity for socialize with the coaches of other countries and to exchange ideas and methods of training. I’m sure that from today other important collaborations they will be realized in order to improve the level of game of our nations”.

From Michele Milani, italian junior player:

“I’ve enjoyed it a lot,it was funny and hard, it was good that a lots of players were here,so I’ve could play on a different situation than in Italy.The training camps are very useful to improove myself and also my technic.I’ve learned new things from different coaches from other states.”


Marco Vasconcelos:

"This is a great opportunity for our countries to work together and exchange views on all players involved. The Regional Project is also a good chance to for all to interact, change views and training methods to improve our standard of play. I am certain that from now on more camps will happen to the benefit of our players"

Nuno Anjo

"This training camp is being very useful for all of us. All the work has been very fruitful for all players. The coaches are doing a very good work in teaching us. It is not only the importance of the work on court but also meeting players from other countries that we become friends with. All the program is very well organized with enough rest and socializing between practice. Lets keep working a lot."


Flore Spanhove, player:

This camp has given me the chance to play against players from other coutries. Some of them were still unknown for me, but now I have a better perception of the level of the players.

Beside the hard trainings it was also a lot of fun. I enjoyed it very much and got to know some other players and coaches better during this camp.

List of participants

Pirmin Klotzner Italy M
Julian Paulmichl Italy M
Michele Milani Italy M
Osele Lukas Italy M
Judith Messner Italy W
Marah Punter Italy W
Pablo Sanmartin Spain M
Xoel liñares Spain M
Angel Villanueva Spain M
Daniel Alvarez Spain M
Enrique Peñalver Spain M
Maria Vijande Spain W
Isabel Fernadez Spain W
Blanca Lucas Spain W
Ariadna Gallardo Spain W
Laura Martin Spain W
Mª Carmen Casermeiro Spain W
Sofia Setim Portugal W
Daniela Conceição Portugal W
Mariana Araújo Portugal W
Ana Amaral Portugal W
Luisa Faria Portugal W
Duarte Anjo Portugal M
Hugo Batista Portugal M
Bernardo Atilano Portugal M
Ricardo Silva Portugal M
Ângelo Silva Portugal M
Maxime Arnalsteen Belgium M
Flor Spanhove Belgium M
Jay Babatido Rover Belgium M
Flore Vandenhoucke Belgium W
Ine Lanckriet Belgium W
Ann Knaepen Belgium W


Fabio Morino Italy M
Salvador Franco Spain M
Arturo Ruiz Spain M
Marco Vasconcelos Portugal M
Fernando Silva Portugal M
Nathalie Descamps Belgium W