Regional Project in Croatia finished successfully

CRO group

More than 40 players from 5 countries (Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia + France ) attended the 8-day Badminton Europe supported regional project at Zagreb in Croatia.

Some experienced coaches taught players badminton techniques and tactics as the main objective, some basic physical preparation, and sparing matches were also part of the camp.

Mao Hong participated in the camp as a head coach and a sparring partner for younger players.

All the players had the opportunity to play and train together with best Croatian senior players ( Zvonimir Ðurkinjak, Zvonimir Hoelbling, Staša Poznanovic, etc.) and also to training with the same level players from neighbour country.

The best goal was participation (3 days) of the team France – six players (arranged by Croatian national team coach, Mr Hong Mao) at the camp.

National junior teams had the opportunity to have a great sparing and national team coaches “cleared” their opinions on the national team members for the European Junior championships in 2011.

Croatian national team coach, Mr Hong Mao was a head coach (former member of Chinese National Team and experienced coach) + other coaches from Croatia and other participating countries.

Our practise sessions were consist of 2 on court sessions per day in the National training centre (10 courts) and on some days we used the gym (in the same building like National training centre)

We used experience Croatian national team players who were in Zagreb in this period for sparing

To organise preparations (during the “winter” break) was best decision, because there are no similar regional and BE initiatives in this period and all the players for the first time had opportunity to spend New Year’s Eve celebration together.

With four participating countries: Bosnia & Herzegovina, Croatia, Serbia and Slovenia this project wants to develop and strengthen badminton in the former Yugoslavian countries.

Report by Željko Miškulin

All participants:

Bosnia and Herzegovina


Milana Kozomara (1994. W)
Elena Kevac (1994. W)
Slobodan Stijakovic (1995. M)
Dejan Kosic (1990. M)
Miroslav Kocic (1990. M)
Amar Šaban (1994. M)
Faruk Ljuca (1994. M)
Mladen Tejic (1995. M)


Mišel Mihetec M
Maja Šavor W



Martina Skorup (1992. W)
Lucija Vlah (1994. W)
Tena Tucakovic (1993. W)
Nikolina Dimic (1993. W)
Katarina Galenic (1997. W)
Dora Dragcevic (1996. W)
Iva Šutevski (1996. W)
Katarina Jagodic (1993. W)
Josip Uglešic (1992. M)
Jardas Dasen (1993. M)
Ivan Tucakovic (1994. M)
Filip Špoljarec (1994. M)
Ivor Ilic (1996. M)
Fran Galjer (1995. M)
Borna Drvodelic (1996. M)
David Landeka (1997. W)
Ivona Kozak (1997. W)
Helena Kovac (1997. W)


Mao Hong M
Silvio Jurcic M



Milica Simic (1993. W)
Ilija Pavlovic (1992. M)
Igor Bjelan (1992. M)
Bruno Lukas (1994.M)
Kaja Stankovic (1994. W)


Milan Barbir
Damir Ilic



Urška Polc (1992. W)
Katarina Beton (1996. W)
Špela Mandl (1996. W)
Kim Novak (1993. W)
Primož Flis (1993. M)
Simon Skok (1995. M)
Alen Roj (1992. M)
Vilim Hafner (1996. M)


Ratko Galjer M
Samir Mušic M


6 players: 3 W + 3 M