COMEBA camp in Cyprus

On 27 June the BEC/COMEBA camp started with the CBF National U-13/15, the C group and U-17/19 and senior squads, the A & B group. In grand total about 22 athletes. As the new national coach Irwan Syah just started his selection programme, we discussed how we could manage this without major colliding and disturbance. Because this programme is part of the whole preparation schedule towards the new season and athletes worked already several weeks with this programme.

In this programme for all groups the key element was how to perform under physical pressure in which athletes were pushed to their limits. The daily programme consisted out of a wide variety on court drills, mostly singles related. Using multi feeding-, 2 against 1 drills for offensive and defensive skill performance. On two occasions physical demands were asked in the fitness room and on the track in the stadium for the A & B group.

Collaboration wit the national coach went very smoothly and also my long-term acquaintance with all the athletes contributed to a very good working relationship. One thing I should emphasize, which is to express my admiration towards all athletes who showed their persistence and willingness to work extreme hard during all sessions.

Coaches were from local clubs, Nicosia and Paphos. In total 11 coaches. One week prior to the initial camp begin, Sunday 19 June on request of Cyprus Badminton a 1 day coach seminar was conducted. On this occasion “introduction in tactical on court training” was on request the delivered topic. In which part of the brief theoretical issues were covered:

  • like how to recognise this all on national and international junior- and senior level;
  • how to make the transition into coherent on court coach sessions, which covers also technical, physical and mental elements, besides only tactical solutions.

During a 3-hour practical session, the coaches worked on development and performance of singles (emphasised) and doubles related exercises. In which predictable among coaches a lot of discussions were shown. Contributing towards each other's knowledge about the subject at the end of the day the coaches showed great collaboration and general remarks were this is very useful. In future this should become a more structural educational offer for us coaches, was also one of the expressions made.

Report by John Fikenscher