Women in Badminton

In 2010 Badminton Europe established a new initiative, the BEC’s Women in Badminton working group. The goal is to create discussions and produce new ideas on how to strengthen and establish the role of women in the European badminton community.

BEC's Women in Badminton working group

The 2012-2014 working group had its first meeting alongside the 2012 European Championships in Karlskrona, Sweden. The main outcomes were:

  • To meet twice a year

  • To advertise contributions of women to the sport

  • To include a two-page article about women in badminton in the Badminton Europe Online Magazine

  • To proceed with the IWG ( The International Working Group on Women and Sport) application

For more information and current working group members as well as the former ones, please refer to the left menu.

Best practices in Europe

All Member Associations are invited to send in information on projects that are running in their countries regarding women or girls within badminton. Badminton Europe will collect ‘best practice’ examples and will publish those to encourage and motivate other countries to also set up activities.

The idea is to draw the attention of all Member Associations on already existing projects, which should be inspirational examples for future projects. For a list of on-going project, refer to the left menu.

BEC Women in Badminton Awards

The European Women in Badminton committee has initiated two special awards for persons or organisations who have contributed to the development of women in badminton in Europe. Many women are involved in coaching and administrating badminton on different levels but their work may have gone unrecognised. Others have, through outstanding results on court, helped enhancing the position of women within our sport.

Encouraged by experiences from other sports, the BEC board approved in 2011 the idea of its own special awards for women. For more information, refer to the left menu.

If you have any questions or you want to hand in further projects please contact the Badminton Europe Office: women@badmintoneurope.com