Regional projects

The focus of the Regional Project - programme is to encourage Member Associations to collaborate together and form a development initiative to enhance the level of badminton in their region. An example of a collaborative Regional Project could be a training camp for junior players involving 3-4 different nations, or an education programme to develop coaches and/or court officials from a specific group of countries or exchange of knowledge activities between the countries involved.

Who is it for? Open to all Member Associations


  • to encourage Member Associations to collaborate together
  • form a development initiative to enhance and raise the level of badminton  in different regions
  • share knowledge with one another
  • create and establish long term training programmes
  • set up a new educational structure in regions

Regional Projects 2014

The invitation to apply for the Badminton Europe Regional Projects funding in 2014 was sent to all Member Associations.

The deadline to apply for 2014 Regional Projects funding was 15 September 2013.

Badminton Europe received 19 applications for the regional projects funding in 2014.

The regional projects approved for 2014 are:
  • France - Girls Camp
  • Finland - Nordic Camp
  • Serbia - Girls Camp
  • Germany
  • Faroe Island - North Atlantic Camp
  • Phoenix (two camps - Hungary, Serbia)
  • Slovakia
  • Slovenia
  • Italy

For information about the past years regional projects, please refer to the left menu.

Zsofia Horvath
BEC Junior Manager