Certificated Training Centres

Elite-level development from Badminton Europe

Badminton Europe announced in 2009 two new initiatives to help increase the level of elite badminton players in Europe.

To establish a network of Badminton Europe Certificated Training Centres.

To award scholarships to players to enable them to stay at Certificated Training Centres. Scholarships are for players who have the potential to qualify for future World Championships and the 2020 Olympic Games

By attaining the status of a Badminton Europe Certificated Training Centre the following criteria are warranted:

  • the venue is dedicated for national team training

  • a group of players that can compete at European level
  • there is training of the national team at least 5 times per week
  • high class experts are affiliated to the centre

  • other facilities, like gym, are available

  • there is organisational staff to facilitate the proper training environment

to be willing to accept players on conditions agreed in advance between the Certified Training Centre and Badminton Europe

Badminton Europe Certificated Training Centres

Badminton Europe is creating links with the National Training Centres of excellence within the Member Associations. The idea is to certificate those centres that have the required standard and to cooperate on offering training for talented players from other Member Associations by awarding scholarships.

Badminton Europe has confirmed ten Certificated Training Centres, they are:

Training Centre in Greve, Denmark - SILVER

Training Centre in Odense, Denmark - SILVER

Training Centre in Dublin, Ireland - GOLD

Training Centre in Arnhem, Netherlands - SILVER

Training Centre in Madrid, Spain - SILVER

Training Centre in Uppsala, Sweden - SILVER

Training Centre in Malmö, Sweden - BRONZE

Training Centre in Bonn, Germany - SILVER

Training Centre in Milan, Italy - SILVER

Training Centre in Oviedo, Spain - SILVER

Training Centre in Pecs, Hungary - SILVER

Badminton Europe scholarships

Badminton Europe will do award scholarships to players to enable them to train at one of the ten Certificated Training Centres for a period of at least 2 weeks. 

For more information regarding the scolarships and Certificated Training Centres, please contact Michael Noerbaek,  BEC Senior Manager - michael.noerbaek@badmintoneurope.com