1st of September 2017 Centre of Excellence (CoE) opened. 

It is Badminton Europe exciting initiative to secure an on-going development and further improvement of High Performance level in Europe.

Training takes place in the newly built Stenhushal (Hall of Stenhus) but soon we will move to the totally new Holbæk Sportsby.


To make European badminton competetive in a global context.


The short term VISION for CoE is to provide a high quality and aspirational training base for talented and deserving players from all over Europe. 
The long term VISION is for CoE to become a vehicle for extended cooperation among MA`s and potentially CC`s to benefit the overall development of European and World Badminton.

Overall CoE want a group of 26 single players from Europe and the rest of the World who are willing to:

•Invest in their badminton career
•Provide maximum dedication to perform
•Contribute at the CoE with their training mates
•Be a part of the CoE training structure while enjoying the experience 
•Contribute with strong team spirit

For further information take a journey here on our website and feel free to contact us.