Successful Regional Camp in Trencin / Slovakia

Players from the Czech Republic, Hungary and Slovakia met for a week (12-19.8.18) regional camp in Trencin to jointly undertake several training sessions under the leadership of Nicola Cerfontyne from England.

The program was led by the "chief coach", but she was not alone, as trainers who accompanied their teams helped with the training units, Tibor Kessler from Slovakia, as well as Pavel Florian and Michal Hubacek from Czech Republic.

The players completed two training sessions a day, mostly Nicola led during the first part of it, and then the players had been taken over the individual coaches. Besides the traditional sessions on the court, participants also enjoyed running in nature and focused also on physical training.

In the middle of the week, the players had an afternoon break that they used to visit the Trencin´s castle or just relaxed at the swimming pool. However, the regeneration was preceded by an interesting training, which was focused on the games of the countries, playing in the relay system.