The BEC Latvian Regional Project 2018 took place in the city of Klaipeda from 11th to 16th of August. U19 national players from Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia and Belarus came and trained together.

For the second year in a row and according to the agreement made between the Latvian, Estonian and Lithuanian federations, Latvia has been in charge of administrating the Regional Project, Lithuania has been responsible for hosting it
and Estonia defined the content of the project. 

This camp was a good opportunity for the 4 countries to get prepared for the next European Junior Championships which will happen in Tallin, Estonia from 7th to 16th September 2018.

Each country was able to bring 6 players and 1 coach, slightly less than last year as Belarus was invited this year. 
"Nobody suffered to this changes as the Baltic countries were ready to send a reduced number of participants to the project. 
With the involvement of Belarus, both players and coaches have gained new experience" says Kristians Rozenvalds, General Secretary of the Latvian Badminton Federation. 

The participants were able to train 6 hours daily. One morning session from 9.00 to 12.00 and one afternoon session from 15.00 to 18.00. The players were divided into groups and were able to train with everyone. Some trainings were also splitted by gender. 

"The focus was more on games. The players in Klaipeda arrived directly from other camps where a lot of attention was put on physycal training. We also had to take into consideration that the player would play the junior tournament straight after the camp.
Therefore we decided that we would play, practice and analyse the games", said Indrek Kuuts, the Estonian U19 National Coach. 

Kristian Rozenvalds noted not only the productive cooperation between the Baltic federations but also the ability to integrate othercountries as they have done this year with Belarus. A good sign for future projects.