Girls Project 2018 Serbia – Six countries - One team

This year, in Kragujevac, Serbia, girls from six different countries took part in the annual badminton training camp. A total of 28 girls trained and socialized under a watchful eye of head coach Tina Riedl from Austria.

Beside the organizer, local host, Andreja Todorovic, "Ravens KG", the coaches from other countries have given significant contribution and made possible this year’s event to be a total success.
These include Marija Bulatović, the head coach for the Belgrade club „Clear", then Corina Dan from Romania and Debbie Lynch From Denmark, supported by younger coaches Alexandra Mathis (Austria), Irena Atanasova (Bulgaria) and Pusztai Balaazs (Hungary).
Nominated by their National Associations, girls from Austria, Denmark, Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary and Serbia came to train in sunny Kragujevac, twice a day, in very intensive trainings.

The camp was held for the eighth straight year in cooperation with the Badminton Association of Serbia and the City of Kragujevac, as part of a regional development project of the European Badminton Confederation. The camp was held in the spacious “Jezero” sports hall providing players with the best training conditions. This year, all the girls were put up in the comfortable Hotel “President” near the city centre.

Andreja Todorović, one of the organizers said this about this years camp: “I am so happy that we were able to organize this camp for the eights year running. And I am glad that all the girls trained as one which added to the quality and intensity of the training sessions. I am especially proud that all the girls praised the traditional Serbian hospitality and loved the fun activities we organized for them.”

This year, all the girls were very strong players and equally matched to make it a competitive but fun camp.

This is what Tina Riedl had to say about her time in Kragujevac:
“It was my first time as head coach at this BEC Regional Camp. Marija and Andreja did a real fantastic and professional job. They put in all their heart and passion to make also this year’s camp to a great success. This year there was also -  with Tijana -  a professional photographer (and former girls camp participant in the first years ), which made this event also very professional to show this event also externally

For the girls - like every year - this was an event they will remember for the rest of their life.
And also they found companions for their future badminton life, because they will all meet each other at international tournaments again."

Overall, it was a hectic and interesting six days and the organizers will already look forward to organizing another one for next year.

“Everything went as planned this year. I would like to thank everyone who helped with the organizing of this years event, and especially all the trainers and the girls for their positive energy during the camp. I hope to see them all again next year.“ said Andreja Todorović in the end.