This year 5 countries took part in the regional project organised by the Albanian Bamdinton Federation with the support of Badminton Europe.
Different as in former years, where there was a maximum of 4 participating countries (Albania, Greece, Macedonia and Serbia), this year the Albanian Federation was pleased to welcome for the first time players from one more country, Romania. 

From the very beginning the players were enthusiastic and focused on what there had to do on court.
During the training sessions while playing double games, players were mixed and played with participants from other nations, which increased their interest for the game and the atmosphere between participants became more relaxed.
The social activities brought the children even closer together, they enjoyed a lot their free time. 

There was one more group of children aged 8/9/10/11 which were able to train on court after the main group finished their sessions, under the observation of the coaches from the participating nations.

At the end of the camp days, all players took part in the memorial tournament, “IDA’s FRIENDS”, where there was a single and a double tournament and for the smaller group, the chocolate tournament. 
The tournament was organised for the 3rd time in a row in the memory of Ida PILI, Albanian female player, which tragically passed away in 2015. 
Winners were rewarded with medals, plates and chocolate.