Badminton Europe organised a coach education level 2 tutor course from 16 – 18 June in Antwerp, Belgium in close cooperation with the Belgian Badminton Federation. 11 participants from 5 different countries and 2 course leaders took part in the course.

The course started with the introduction of annual planning where after the participants received the first task to make an annual plan for a player. When they finished, they were asked to check and discuss each other’s work. After lunch, the course continued in the hall where the participants had to deliver technical progressions as a tutor or give feedback on the delivery. The participants enjoyed this part of the course and the discussions became more intensive which meant that it took longer than expected.

The second day of the course started with a delivery of the participants regarding tactical progressions. Also in this session, the discussions and feedback were of high-level. In the afternoon, the participants had to stand in front of the group and deliver a subject from the level 2 book. The last task of the day was to deliver one of the tasks that one of the other participants had made without any preparation.

On the final day, the participants were asked to make a schedule for one of the days in a coach education course and present it to the other groups. In the last two hours of the course the individual feedback talks took place and they got to know if they passed the course or not.

Badminton Europe would like to thank the Belgian Badminton Federation for hosting this course. More information regarding the coach education can be found by clicking here.