Swedish National Training Centre, Malmö

BEC will award scholarships to players to enable them to train at the Certificated Training Centre in Malmö for a period of at least two weeks.

Names of the top players who are permanently based at the Training Centre:

Men’s singles:
1. Felix Burestedt
2. Jacob Nilsson
3. Viktor Zuhr
4. Tom Andersson

Women’s singles
1. Lovisa Johansson
2. Berfin Aslan

Men’s doubles
1. Filip Myhrén
2. Jacob Burestedt
3. Alex Loung

Women’s doubles
1. Berfin Aslan

Mixed doubles
1. Filip Myhrén
2. Jacob Burestedt
3. Alex Loung
4. Befin Aslan

Sparring Partners
Jonatan Nordh, Patrik Lundqvist, Petter Yngvesson, Amanda Wallin, Ellinor Widh

Names of coaches/technical

1. Allan Scherfig

List of the facilities available:
- 20 badminton courts
- Gym
- Athletics court
- Malm
ö Idrotts Akademi (nutrition, physiotherapy, testlab)

Price per week
The amount of 170 EUR.
Costs included in the price: everything related to the practice
Not included in the price: food, accommodation, transport
*The contact person in Malm
ö will help the players to find the appropriate accomodation.

Kristoffer Lundqvist
Email: Kristoffer@malmobadmintoncenter.se
Mobile: +46704308905

Malmö Badminton Centre
Eriksfaltsgatan 30
21766 Malmö
Website: http://www.malmobadmintonakademi.com  

Information on how to apply for a scholarship has been sent directly to Member Associations.

The completed application for a scholarship to train at a Badminton Europe Certificated Training Centre has to reach the BEC Office at least 4 weeks before the preferred start of training.

Reports of Badminton Europe scholarship-holders