Dutch National Training Centre, Arnhem

BE will award scholarships to players to enable them to train at the Certificated Training Centre in Arnhem for a period of at least 2 weeks.

Names of the top players who are permanently based at the Training Centre:

Men’s singles:
1. Mark Caljouw
2. Joran Kweekel
3. Niels Veenstra

Women’s singles
1. Soraya de Visch Eijberhen
2. Gayle Mahulette

Men’s doubles
1. Jelle Maas
2. Jacco Arends
3. Ruben Jille
4. Robin Tabeling

Women’s doubles
1. Selena Piek
2. Eefje Muskens
3. Iris Tabeling
4. Cheryl Seinen
5. Imke van de Aar
6. Debora Jille

Names of coaches/technical
 1. Rune Massing (National Coach)
 2. Kim Nielsen (Asst. National Coach)
 3. Mika van Gelderen (Physical Coach) 

List of the facilities available:
- Fitness Room
- Running Track
- Internet
- Laundry

Price per week
The amount of the price per week need to be enquired on a case to case basis. The costs included in the price are for accommodation, training, meals (mon-fri). Contact Simone van den Bergh (email below) for more information.

Ilse Vaessen
Email: topsport@badminton.nl
Mobile: +31 306 084 157 

Papendallaan 60
6816 Arnhem, Netherlands
Website: http://nocnsf.nl/cms/showpage.aspx?id=1989 

Information on how to apply for a scholarship has been sent directly to Member Associations.

The completed application for a scholarship to train at a Badminton Europe Certificated Training Centre has to reach the BEC Office at least 4 weeks before the preferred start of training.

Information above is as of 10.10.2016

The Badminton Europe scholarship-holders in Arnhem