Greve Training Centre in Denmark

BE will award scholarships to players to enable them to train at the Certificated Training Centre in Greve for a period of at least 2 weeks.

Names of the top players who are permanently based at the Training Centre:

1. Frederik Holm
2. Andreas Bøgebjerg
3. Christoffer Elbrønd

1. Isabella Nielsen
2. Sia Berg
3. Amalie Hertz Hansen
4. Sofie Nielsen

Names of coaches/technical
1. Jacob Oehlenschlæger (Head Coach)
2. Rune Ulsing

List of the facilities available
- Fitnes Room
- Swimming Pool nearby

Price per week

The amount of 130EUR.
Costs included in the price: training, coaching, analysing, pysical programme
Not included in the price: accomodation, costs of living

Jacob Oehlenschlæger
Mobile: + 45 51 26 12 43

Greve Strands Badmintonklub
Greve Idræts Center
Lillevangsvej 88
2670 Greve, Denmark

Information on how to apply for a scholarship has been sent directly to Member Associations.

The completed application for a scholarship to train at a Badminton Europe Certificated Training Centre has to reach the BEC Office at least 4 weeks before the preferred start of training.

As of 14.10.2016