Odense Training Centre in Denmark
BE will award scholarships to players to enable them to train at the Certificated Training Centre in Odense for a period of at least 2 weeks.

Names of the top players who are permanently based at the Training Centre:


1. Steffen Rasmussen
2. Maxime Morrels
3. Frederik Kirkedal
4. Patrick Bjerregaard
5. Hassan Mulla
6. Jocelyn Deschamps
7. Torjus Flatten
8. Soren Toft
9. Kyle Scriba
10. Arato Mitsoa
11. Lukas Zevl

1. Camilla Martens
2. Airi Mikkala
3. Iza Salara
4. Lia Salahar
5. Martina Repiska
6. Kate Foo Koon

Names of coaches/technical
1. Lennart Engler
2. Jonas Lyskjaær

List of the facilities available
- Fitnes Room
- Fysiso Threatment

Price per week
The amount of 245EUR.
Costs included in the price: accommodation, training, individual coaching, fiziotherapists, pysical programme
Not included in the price: Transport to and from the academy.

Lennart Engler
Email: le@sport.dk
Mobile: +4531685005

Odense Badminton Hall
Godthabsgade 4-6
Odense City
Website: www.badmintonacademyodense.dk

Information on how to apply for a scholarship has been sent directly to Member Associations.

The completed application for a scholarship to train at a Badminton Europe Certificated Training Centre has to reach the BEC Office at least 4 weeks before the preferred start of training.

The Badminton Europe scholarship-holders in Odense