Regional Camp in Mirna, Slovenia

28 players and 5 coaches from Slovenia, Croatia, Slovakia and Czech Republic attended the Badminton Europe financial supported Regional Project in Mirna, Slovenia from 20-27 July 2014.

The U19 players spent 7 days in the sport hall learning new technical and tactical skills. Main coach and instructor, Indra Setiawan from Indoneisa together with 4 national coaches were bringing motivation to the players to practice badminton on the higher level and become top players in the near future.  

“It was very good for the players to have coaches from different countries. They were able to see different approaches of teaching badminton. Indra was an excellent instructor, he made a really good training program, both the coaches and the players were happy to work together with him. The players had new sparring partners during the practices, they found many new friends which is also good for their motivation. They spent a great time together - not only playing badminton, but having other fun activities outside of the court as well.” says Dusan Skrebis (SLO), the organizer of the project. 

The players are excited to play international tournaments in the near future and everybody is looking forward to the new common projects.