Implementing Shuttle Time since the end of 2012.


The Shuttle Time resources have been translated into Russian since 2013.


In Russia badminton has been for the first time introduced as a PE lessons's sport 3 years ago. Since the beginning of 2013 badminton has been adopted by the Ministry of Education of Russia, as a recommended sport for schools as a part of the PE lessons. For the future, badminton Russia is trying to find the best way to combine the existing badminton program with the Shuttle Time program, which was already introduced and implemented in Tatarstan, Russia. For the future the plan is to implement the program all over the country.


2015 Courses in Russia
  • In 2015 Russia didn't organize any ST courses yet.

2014 Courses in Russia
  • In 2014 Russia organized 3 ST teachers' courses.

2013 Courses in Russia
  • In 2013 Russia didn't organize any ST courses.

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