Phoenix regional project (2) in Hungary


The Badminton Centre in the tiny city called Pécs hosted again the Hungarian stage of the Phoenix Project. The second session of the Regional Program of Badminton Europe had been taken place in the Badminton Centre of Hungary between 13-18 of August.

Thanks to the financial support of BEC, 18 shuttlers from four countries (Bulgaria, Hungary, Roumania and Serbia) were taking part in this Regional Project. The camp was led by Tsugio Yamamoto, a Japanese coach who is also known as the head coach of the Hungarian National Team and the Hungarian Team Champion Multi Alarm Sport Club.

As for the players concern all of them did their best and tried to follow their 68 years old master’s instructions even if they had pain or felt stiff in their muscles. The focus of the camp was the quick movements on court and the accuracy of the shots. The special advantage of the camp was that almost all the players were on the same level consequently it was rather easy to practise the same exercises.

9 courts were available for the shuttlers and that made it possible to play also friendly matches at the end of the trainings. Unbelievable nice weather, a lovely city and landscape, ideal facilities (living in the apartments of the hall, fitness room) and the delicious Hungarian kitchen made the players’ stay unforgettable.
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