The Knowledge Database

Badminton Europe is aware that many nations within Europe have created or are using technical resources for development purposes. These could be materials that are used specifically for Coach Education or Badminton in Schools or other initiatives.

Badminton Europe would like to encourage Member Associations to share these resources with other associations in Europe. Therefore we have created a central library and database that all Member Associations can have access to, and see what is being used and is available to share. This is called The Knowledge Database.

Information that is available within specific Member Associations can be found in the left menu.

We need more resources

Badminton Europe believes that technical materials for development purposes should be shared. Resources used for Badminton in Schools initiatives can only help to create greater awareness and increase participation of the sport. Therefore materials that have had success in one country will most likely have similar success in another country. This will also save expenses as Member Associations are not investing the same energy and resources into creating similar initiatives and materials.

If you have resources that could be used by other associations and would like to cooperate in The Knowledge Database project, please contact the Badminton Europe office –