Refugee Athlete Support

The objective of this programme is to to offer National Olympic Committees (NOCs) the opportunity to identify and support a limited number of refugee athletes living in their countries to prepare and participate in high-level competitions.

A limited number of individual training grants will be made available for elite-level refugee athletes to prepare and participate in high-level competitions according to their individual situations.

The type of support will be similar to the Olympic scholarship programme for athletes:
  • A fixed monthly training grant to cover the athlete’s training and coaching costs.
  • A fixed travel subsidy that can be requested to participate in high-level competitions.
Once a grant has been awarded by Olympic Solidarity, the host NOC is responsible for agreeing on the use of the funds with the athlete and the subsequent management of these funds as well as on the periodic reporting to Olympic Solidarity.

Olympic Solidarity understands that refugee athletes have very unique and difficult situations and the intention is therefore to offer the NOCs the possibility to manage the programme in an individualised manner.